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D-04.06 Ask & Answer Present Tense Questions: Simple Vs. Continuous

D-04.06 Ask & Answer Present Tense Questions: Simple Vs. Continuous

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Unit 9 (Present Tense Questions: “How Much Time Do You Have?”) of the Original Scenario: English Grammar in Context, pages 88-96

9 pages 

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Beginning to Intermediate Language Learners      

Why It’s Useful: Even after mastering Simple Present Vs. Present Continuous Verbs in Statements, language learners may need more instruction/practice in Question & Answer Forms & Patterns. Here’s a Scenario called “Questions, Questions, Questions.” It’s followed by structured Comprehension sections, boxed pedagogy, contextualized grammar exercises, and communicative oral & written paired Interview Activities.      

What You’ll Do: 

[1] When acting out the Pollster Vs. Customer Scenario on page 88, take note of the various Question & Answer Forms. Check your comprehension of the sentence pairings and patterns. When studying the grammar, notice (and perhaps describe) the features of Simple vs. Continuous Questions that are similar and different. 


[2] For the “Talking It Over” and “Writing It Down” activities on pages 95-96, polish your “Interviewing Skills” by using effective grammar + interesting content. Get better and better at connecting with others by learning about them and expressing yourself.   

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