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D-04.07 Compose Present-Time Yes/No, Choice & Information Questions & Answers

D-04.07 Compose Present-Time Yes/No, Choice & Information Questions & Answers

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Chapter 9 (Present-Time Yes/No, Choice, & Information Questions & Answers: “Enough Questions Already!”) of the New Scenario: Beginning to Use English Grammar in Context, pages 117-130

14 pages

Who It’s For: (Low– to High-) Intermediate (Self-)Teachers & Helpers with Opinions about the Interview or Data-Collection Process 

Why It’s Useful: In an info-gathering (for sales purposes) world, students of language psychology are likely to either hate or want to explore Question & Answer Processes. Here’s a “Grammar-in-Context” chapter that not only supplies Present-Time Sentence Structure, Vocabulary, & Content but that will also evoke reaction to today’s culture of  “interactive processes.” It’s instructive to experience how an “issue” (like invasive grilling vs. protection of privacy) can enhance grammar learning.       

What You’ll Do: 

  1. In the pages 117-118 Scenario, act out the “Pollster/Shopper Dialog” with enthusiasm and/or reluctance—whichever seems natural. After completing and checking Comprehension Items 9-A to 9-B, use appropriate intonation to read those aloud, too. When answering the questions in 9-C, think about your own attitudes.


  1. In order on pages 120-130, study the Explanation/Sample-Pattern Boxes, and the Pronunciation, extra Grammar, & Vocabulary Sidebars as they come up. After each, focus on their salient points while completing and going over the relevant exercises/activities that follow.  


  1. Be especially aware of correct and effective grammar/phrasing when continuing text sections with true-to-life or made-up input of your own.


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