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D-04.11 Compare & Practice Forms, Patterns & Uses of Present-Time Verbs

D-04.11 Compare & Practice Forms, Patterns & Uses of Present-Time Verbs

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Unit 8 (Summary / Review of Verb Forms: Imperative vs. Present Continuous vs. Simple Present: “The Job Interview”) of the Original Scenario, Volume One: English Grammar in Context, pages 82-86

5 pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Beginning to Intermediate Language Learners      

Why It’s Useful: It’s a vintage black-and-white compression of uses, forms, patterns, and practice of most common incarnations of present verb forms.      

What You’ll Do: 

[1] The page 82 Boxed Chart tells English speakers/writers to “use the imperative for directions and orders; the present continuous, for action now; and the simple present, for general time and with non-action verbs.  Then come boxes with elements of Affirmative Statements, Negative Statements, Yes / No Questions, and Short Answers.  Use these to compare the elements and construction of kinds of present-time sentences. 

[2] On pages 83-86, do and check Exercises 1a-1b.  These will reinforce verb (form) choice.  In 1c, you / your students will be “Putting It Together” by writing, hearing, and stating directions in an activity, what you see others doing, and steps in daily work tasks.



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