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D-04.14 Go “Beyond Mastery” of the Present-Time Frame

D-04.14 Go “Beyond Mastery” of the Present-Time Frame

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Chapter 1 (The Present Time Frame: “the Generations”) of the New Scenario Book Two: Continuing to Use English Grammar in Context, pages 5-36 

32 pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Intermediate & Above Language Learners “Empowered” by Colorful Attempts to Communicate Among Age Groups

Why It’s Useful: The compelling layouts and images in this renovated and augmented version of Unit 1 of the original Scenario Volume Two: English Grammar in Context can energize text users, motivating them to be more precise and effective in relating to others with similar, opposing, or different attitudes toward life. Reading (aloud) “the Generations” Scenario, participants will get used to varying their verb phrasing in talking or writing about “the Present.” They’ll continue to build ability with Sentence-Structure (Directive, Statement, Question & Answer) Tables & Spelling / Grammar Notes; Comprehension & Practice Exercises; newly (re-)constructed Montages—and Descriptions, Dialogs, & Speeches to complete. The Chapter culminates in photos of real people of all ages—with vocabulary cues, meet-up activity, and questions to consider about improving the world by bringing the young, medium, and old together.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Paying attention to the variety of verb phrases used to address the here & now, read (aloud) the page 5-6 exchanges between two generations. Complete Comprehension Checks 1-A, 1-B, and 1-C.  Start thinking about the interests, activities, and attitudes of people of different ages, especially when they try to relate to one another. 

[2]  As you come to each Grammar-Notes Box, review its substance: “Directives,” “Present Affirmative Statements With & Without the Verb BE,” “Negatives,” “Present Continuous Statements,” “Spelling Verb Endings,” “Uses of Verb Tense Forms in the Present-Time Frame,” Verbs with (Both) Action & Non-Action Meanings,” “Question-Word Subjects,” “Present-Time Tag, Yes/No, & Wh-Questions & Answers, etc. Referring to pedagogy when needed, complete sections in between: Exercises 1-D to ****1-M on pages 8 to 32. When possible, add relevant items to each segment. 

[3] Put extra effort into the culminating 1-N to ****1-N Activities (pages 33-34), which will empower you to demonstrate both your language abilities and mental capabilities.  They’re likely to prove enlightening, satisfying, and beneficial to all. 


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