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Work/Life English

D-06.07 Use Simple, Continuous & Perfect Modal-Verb Phrasing

D-06.07 Use Simple, Continuous & Perfect Modal-Verb Phrasing

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Lessons 61-70 of Chapter 7: Modal Verbs (“Education”) of WorkLife English Grammar 6: Issues & Answers, pages 110-123

14 pages 

Who It’s For: (Self) Teachers & Helpers at Advancing Learning Levels      

Why It’s Useful: One way to review or acquire new patterns is one Contextualized Grammar Point at a time. Within the overall context of “Education,” this ten-part chapter covers ten “subtopics of modal verbs” (such as Simple Modals of Ability, Continuous & Perfect Modal Forms, or Modals of Deduction), each in a different (matching) sub-context (like “School Rights” or “Missed Opportunities,” or “Student Financial Aid.” The ten one– or two-page Lessons can be approached in any order.

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  On page 110, look over the Chapter 7 Opener photo, title, and subtitle. For each Lesson 61-70, distinguish between the grammar points it presents/practices and the content or subject matter it addresses. Speculate on how they might be integrated.

[2] On page 111, notice the sections of Lesson 61: Simple Modal Verbs: Ability, Permission, Possibility (“School Rules & Rights). These divisions are a boxed presentation/explanation; a directed (controlled) Exercise A, and a starred (*) “beyond the text” Exercise *B

[3] On pages 112-123, follow comparable steps for Lessons 62-70. Use the chapter as a reference for formation and usage of modal-verb phrasing in real-life.  

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