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D-06.08 Use Simple Modal Verbs & Related Forms

D-06.08 Use Simple Modal Verbs & Related Forms

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Unit 18 (Modal Verbs & Related Forms: “The Therapist”) of the Original Scenario: English Grammar in Context, pages 176-195

20 pages                              

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) High Beginning to Intermediate Language Learners That Prefer Conventional-Looking Materials

Why It’s Useful: Sometimes, “serious students of grammar” prefer the linear (one numbered section after another) layouts of “old-fashioned” black-and-white text pages. That’s because familiarity brings comfort or confidence. On reading the Scenario: “I Can’t Stand It,” participants will get a feel for the targeted grammar, which is Simple Modal Verbs before base forms. Comprehension checks, boxed explanations, numbered/lettered exercises in order, dual leveled “Talking It Over” + “Writing It Down” sections, and Summary Charts with “Putting It Together” follow-up will ensure that teachers/learners cover the grammar and content.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Have fun with the pun-heavy page 176 Scenario, “I can’t stand it,” which satirizes traditional lie-down therapy sessions. In doing Comprehension Exercises 1a-1c, notice the structure and meanings of modal-verb phrases. In boxed Grammar Explanations + related Exercises 2a-2f (forms + patterns) and 3a-3g (meanings), , incorporate the rules and patterns into your repertoire. Using your developing “feel for language,” enjoy the Level A and/or Level B  “Talking It Over” Role-Plays on page 186 (3b),  pages 188-189 (4d), and page 190 (5b). Produce and answer “Letters of Advice” in the “Writing It Down” section on page 193.  

[2] On pages 194-5, optimize use of the “Summary of Simple Modal Verbs” Chart and the “Putting It Together” Story to react to. Go well beyond the text in your use of modal-verb and related phrasing in relevant real-life context.  


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