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Work/Life English

D-07.04 Express the Future in Four Ways

D-07.04 Express the Future in Four Ways

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Pretest + Parts One to Three of Chapter 4 (“Eating & Drinking”) of WorkLife English Grammar 4: Cross-Cultural Communication, pages 58-70

13 pages

Who It’s For: (Self) Teachers & Helpers at Intermediate & Higher Learning Levels      

Why It’s Useful: At progressing levels of grammar acquisition, English speakers improving their style and fluency will want a variety of ways to express concepts such as “the Future.” In addition to be going to + will/won’t + Base Verb patterns, there are also “future continuous” forms.  And when learners begin using clauses, they’ll need present + future forms for “Future Possible” sentences with ifHere’s appetizing  instruction that will also help text users to “Plan a Potluck Party,” “Explain a Recipe,” “Read Menus,” and “Avoid Food Poisoning.”   

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  After discussing the drawing on page 59, on page 60 assess what you already know / need to learn by choosing correct words in “Etty Kit Advice Column” letters on the subject of party planning.  Check your answers. 

[2] On pages 61 to 65 of Part One, go over the Future: Will & Going to with boxed sentence-patterns + comparative explanation. Do exercises that invite you to compose questions, statements, and answers with cue words and your responses to visuals. With your own ideas and vocabulary, plan a (real) potluck party and tell what you’re going to prepare / bring.  

[3] Pages 66-68 of Part Two present patterns and uses of the Future Continuous  (will / won’t be + Verbing). Practice the tense forms by telling what a new employee will be doing at his job—and what a new menu “will be offering.”  

[4] Pages 69-70 of Part Three introduces “The Conditional (Future Possible).” Use if . . . (then) clauses for conversations between restaurant employees about tasks and food safety.      


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