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Work/Life English

D-07.06 Use All Forms & Patterns of Future-Verb Phrasing

D-07.06 Use All Forms & Patterns of Future-Verb Phrasing

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Lessons 41-50 of Chapter 5: the Future (“Science & Technology”) of WorkLife English Grammar 6: Issues & Answers, pages 82-94

13 pages

Who It’s For: (Self) Teachers & Helpers at Advancing Learning Levels      

Why It’s Useful: One way to review or acquire new patterns is one Contextualized Grammar Point at a time. Within the overall context of “Science & Technology,” this ten-part chapter covers ten sub-areas of “the Future” (be going to vs. will; the future continuous vs. the simple future; present forms with future meaning; future possibility with if; time clauses; be about to; the future in the past; the future perfect tense; the future perfect vs. the future perfect continuous; the future perfect vs. the simple future.  Though concise, the chapter just about covers the general grammar topic.   

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  On page 82, look over the Chapter 5 Opener photo, title, and subtitle. For each Lesson 41-50, distinguish between the grammar points it presents/practices and the content or subject matter it addresses. Speculate on how they might be integrated.

[2] On page 83, notice the sections of Lesson 41: Be Going to vs. Will. These divisions are a boxed presentation/explanation that includes comparison + examples of adverbial time expressions; a directed (controlled) Exercise A; and a drawing to describe with vocabulary cues in Exercise B. Then come starred (*) “beyond the text” Exercises *C and *D, which—though outdated, will give text users a chance to talk about their smart-phones and other uses of devices.

[3] On pages 84-94, follow comparable or more appropriate steps for Lessons 42-50. Use the chapter as a reference for formation and usage of future-time-frame sentences in real life.  

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