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D-07.08 Have Fun Telling the Future with Going to & Will /Won’t + VERB

D-07.08 Have Fun Telling the Future with Going to & Will /Won’t + VERB

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Chapter 16 (The Simple Future: “Telling the Future”) of the New Scenario: Beginning to Use English Grammar in Context, pages 202-212 

12 pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) High Beginning Through Intermediate Language Learners “Activated” by Cheery (Visually Refurbished) Materials

Why It’s Useful: The non-linear layout and fun images in this colorized, updated, and expanded version of material from the original Scenario Book One: English Grammar in Context  will inspire text users, motivating them to polish their use of targeted grammar. Role-playing the “Telling the Future” Scenario, participants will gain confidence in the verbalization of playfully tongue-in-cheek predictions.  They’ll continue to build ability with Sentence-Structure (Statement, Question, Answer) Charts & Meaning Commentaries; Comprehension & Reinforcement Exercises; Vocabulary-Refinement Phrasing, Sentence-Generating Tables, Elements to Insert or Exchange, & Paraphrasing with Equivalents. Then they’ll do their own “Fortune-Telling.”

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Paying attention to the use of verb tenses with satiric humor, act out the page 201 dialog between a “crystal-ball gazer” and her “customer.” Complete Comprehension Checks 16-A & B. Review the Grammar: “Simple Future Statements, Questions, & Short Answers” on pages 203 and 205. Noting the additional commentary offered in Sidebars, on pages 204-207, do Exercises 16-C-*16-D.  

[2]  For pedagogy (Will-Statements, Questions, & Short Answers) and Exercises (* ** ***) 16-E on pages 208 to 211, repeat or adapt procedures suggested in Step [1] above. Enjoy summing up the grammar and content with your own ideas and language in page 212 culminating Activities **(*)16-F. 

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