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D-07.10 Look into the Future with Grammar & Knowledge

D-07.10 Look into the Future with Grammar & Knowledge

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Chapter 2 (The Future Time Frame: “Life in the Future”) of the New Scenario Book Two: Continuing to Use English Grammar in Context, pages 37-58 

22 pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Intermediate & Above Language Learners “Empowered” by Colorful Speculation about the Future 

Why It’s Useful: The attractive layout and imaginative images in this multicolored,  renovated, and augmented version of Unit 2 of the original Scenario Volume Two: English Grammar in Context may encourage text users, motivating them toward more precision in their speculations about the world to come. Reading (aloud) the “Life in the Future” Scenario, participants will get used to varying their verb phrasing in talking or writing about the future. They’ll continue to build ability with Sentence-Structure (Statement, Question, & Answer) Tables & Grammar Notes; Comprehension & Practice Exercises; simulated “Realia”—and Dialogs + Speeches to complete.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Paying attention to the variety of verb phrases used to indicate the future time frame,  read (aloud) the page 37 “presentation of a scientific futurist.” Complete Comprehension Checks 2-A, 2-B, and 2-C.  If you’re “into future studies,” start thinking how you might give such a speech in today’s world.

[2]  As you come to each Chart, review its Grammar: “Present Forms with Future Meaning” on page 40; Be About to + Verb on page 42; the Simple Future on page 44; Will / Won’t + Verb on page 46; the Future Continuous on page 48; Uses of Verb-Tense Forms in the Future Time Frame (with Time Expressions) on page 50.  Referring to this pedagogy when needed, complete the sections in between: Exercises 2-D to **2-I, on pages 40 to 54. When possible, add items to each segment. 

[3] To put the chapter into your past, comment on the future of what you see in the  areas of life depicted by the 21st Century photos: Study & Research, Physical & Technological Work; Transportation; Food; Religion & Spirituality. Finally, do what you will with the 23 “Imaginable Headlines” that end this journey into our uncertain  future.


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