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Work/Life English

D-08.03 Make Past Statements with Regular & Irregular Verbs

D-08.03 Make Past Statements with Regular & Irregular Verbs

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Parts Three & Four of Chapter 1 (“The Arrival”) of WorkLife English Grammar 3: An Immigration Story, pages 15-22

8 pages

Who It’s For: (Self) Teachers & Helpers at High Beginning to Intermediate Learning Levels      

Why It’s Useful: While improving their grammar abilities, language learners are likely to need or want to tell stories about their past experiences. Especially newcomers (to the country, city, or school) may be asked to narrate how they got there. Here’s a catch-all half chapter that focuses on those linguistic competencies (language functions). 

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Together or independently, notice and practice the sentence patterns of the page 15 Part Three: Past Statements: Regular & Irregular Verbs Strip Story “Helena is finally at her uncle’s place.” While relating to its content on pages 16-19, use the Grammar-Pattern Boxes to identify features of Affirmative & Negative Simple Present vs. Past Statements—and to acquire verb-part vocabulary. To complete sections of narratives, choose and insert past verbs, noting their base-form counterparts. Tell your own “Arrival Narrative.”      

[2]  In Part Four: Summary of Present & Past Statements on pages 20-23, review the grammar patterns, generate past-time sentences, correct errors, and use cue words to tell your own story.


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