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D-08.07 Get Reasons & Instructions for Use of 27 Basic (Regular & Irregular) Verb-Form Card Pairs (& Beyond)

D-08.07 Get Reasons & Instructions for Use of 27 Basic (Regular & Irregular) Verb-Form Card Pairs (& Beyond)

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32-Page Basic Verb Forms Activity & Idea Book (for Use With or Without a Two-Sided 54-Card Deck)

32 Half sized pages

Who It’s For: Teachers & Independent (Fundamental) Learners of Regular & Irregular Base + Simple-Past Verb Forms

Why You Need It: English instructors used to teach—and language learners used to memorize—the “Three Principle Parts” of every verb: the Base Form without endings, the Simple Past, and the Past Participle (useful in constructions acquired at “higher levels” of study).  At Basic Levels, only two of these require attention: the base form for use in simple present sentences (sometimes with -(e)s added) or in infinitives—and the simple past form in the affirmative past.

As in most “word-level” instruction, Word-Card Activities & Games attract interest and motivate learning. With this concise Activity & Idea Book, you or your students can (re-)convince yourselves that acquiring grammar-based vocabulary can be painless or even fun. So can using new items in meaningful contexts. Whether you prefer to construct / produce Card Decks yourself—or to purchase and download Parts & Pieces D-08.08 from WorkLife, these pages offer a wealth of info and ideas for using them in effective and efficient grammar lessons. 

What You’ll Do:  

[1] After noting the book Cover & Table of Contents, get reasons for using educational Word-Card and other game materials in grammar instruction at novice to beginning levels. Notice how 54 Basic Cards are constructed: 27 of the most frequent English base verbs appear on card faces—with definitions on their reverse sides; these are to match with 27 simple-past forms on other cards, which have illustrated sentences with blanks to fill in on their backs.                        
[2] Follow and/or adapt Instructions for Preparation, six (6) competitive/cooperative Card Games, & Educational Follow-Up offered on pages 8-31.  Of special interest might be the four (4) all-purpose designs for ways to teach/learn verb vocabulary: Verb Meaning & Usage Charts, Verb Phraseology, Verbs in Context, and more.   
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