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D-08.10 Get & Use a 72 Card Deck of Beginning-Level, Base + Past-Form Verbs

D-08.10 Get & Use a 72 Card Deck of Beginning-Level, Base + Past-Form Verbs

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4 Pages of Base Verbs with Definitions on Backs + 4 Pages of Matching Past Forms with Examples in Illustrated Contexts   

16 pages

Who They’re For: Beginning & Higher-Level English Speakers & New Readers Ready to Reinforce Grammar Learning with One– or Two-Sided Verb Cards & Card Play       

Why You Need Them: These 72 double-sided (or 144 one-sided) cards build (more) grammatical verb-usage vocabulary. Recognizing 36 of the most frequent (a few regular, but mostly irregular) base verbs of English, learners get to check their corresponding definitions, match them with simple-past forms, and consider examples for their use in (past-time) contexts. The Deck has many (lower- or more challenging) uses, of course, especially as stimuli (cues) in lessons that target verb-phrasing in simple-past and contrasting verb-tense patterns. 

What You’ll Do: 

[1] From the Beginning Verb-Forms Cards file, print out all 16 pages back-to-back, flipped horizontally.  (Alternatively or additionally, you can print out the pages single- sided: then the 144 card faces—two verb forms, a definition, and an example ] can be arranged into 18 sets-of-four and used in other educational activities.) Cut apart the 72 double-sided (or 144 single-sided) cards so that they’re all the same size and shape.

[2] In the 40-page Download D-08.10, Beginning (Regular & Irregular) Verb Forms Activity & Idea Book offers pedagogy card users and others might appreciate for teaching/learning how to grasp meanings of common regular & irregular verb forms—and how to use these in contexts that illustrate those definitions. The Book also contains steps for card use in lessons and competitive/cooperative game play. Even so, the format of this straightforward 72-Card Deck may make its use self-explanatory. And energized teachers/learners are likely to come up with even more effective and creative ways to use Verb Cards or analogous materials—and/or to acquire Verb Forms in even better ways. 


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