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Work/Life English

D-09.06 Dramatize Your (Real & Fictional) Life Narratives in the Past Time Frame

D-09.06 Dramatize Your (Real & Fictional) Life Narratives in the Past Time Frame

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Chapter 18 (The Past—Continuous & Simple: “Gossip”) of the New Scenario: Beginning to Use English Grammar in Context, pages 235-256

22 Pages
Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) High Beginning Through Intermediate Language Learners “Activated” by Cheery (Visually Refurbished) Materials

Why It’s Useful: This expanded, colorized version of Download D-08.06 (Unit 17: The Simple Past Tense, Original Scenario Volume One) offers a lot more.  The “Backyard Gossip” of the initial Scenario has grown to include the Past Continuous. Guidance in was / were + VERBing patterns precedes instruction in Simple-Past sentence structures, verb forms, time phrases.  Multi--layered, less linear page layouts contain across-the-width vs. two-column Charts & Exercises; Extra-Explanation Sidebars; Vocabulary Boxes; Pronunciation & Spelling Tips; games to play with Verb-Part Reference Lists; and the like—or something quite different. Already took a look? How did you like it?

What You’ll Do: 

[1] In the page 235 Scenario, “Gossip,” dramatize the speakers’ enthusiasm while paying attention to uses of simple vs. continuous past-verb phrasing. Do you get the joke?  (Of course you do.) Continue to enjoy its humor while completing the comprehension sections 18-A through 18-C.

[2]  Perhaps comparing their structure to the “Present Continuous” with am/is/ are(n’t) + VERBing, assimilate patterns of Past (Continuous) Statements & Questions with BE, including some with the filler THERE.  These Grammar Boxes are on pages 237 and 239, with reinforcing sentence practice 18-D to **18-E in between and afterward. 

 Continuing the “melodramatic theme,” on pages 242-256 is a “complete course” in the sentence structure, phrasing, and Verb Vocabulary of the Simple Past Tense.  Make good use of “sidebarred” Past-Time Adverbs, Spelling Rules for regular past verbs, orthographic principles of six groupings of irregular forms, and two Verb-Reference Lists.  Enjoy the puzzle– or story-like format of the verb vocabulary  practice sections *18-H through 18-N.  Have imaginative (story-telling) fun with Chain-Sentences and Verb-Card Matching Games. Finally, create and share your own (true or made-up) soap-opera plots

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