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D-10.05 Tell & Learn (More) About Activity & Events in Past, Present, & Future World History

D-10.05 Tell & Learn (More) About Activity & Events in Past, Present, & Future World History

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Chapter 5: Summary & Review—Verb Tenses, Forms, Uses: Past, Present, Future (“Time Lines”) of the New Scenario Book Two: Continuing to Use English Grammar in Context, pages 97-114 

18 pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Intermediate Through Advanced Grammar Perfectors, Especially Those Who Involve Themselves in the Disturbing Past, the Tense Present, & the Unpredictable Future of Our World & Universe   

Why It’s Useful: This much augmented, somewhat altered version of Download D-10.04 (Unit 4: Summary & Review: the Past, Present, & Future, Original Scenario Volume Two) took a long time to research and extract wisdom from—and it may affect you similarly.  Divided into “Lines of Decades of the 20th & 21st Centuries,” its 4-page Scenario: Time Lines presents one or more significant event(s) per year from 1901 to 2040; below are  summarizing phrases for the trends or currents of each ten-year period.  The full-page Grammar-Notes Boxes that follow sum up “Uses of Simple Verb Tenses,” “Phrases vs. Sentences,” and “Uses of Continuous Verb Tenses.” In between, lengthy 5-A through *5-C Exercises empower text users to describe past, present, and future events during these eras. Chapter 5 comes to a finale with 16 Photo & Drawing Montages captioned with cueing vocabulary. Though much abbreviated to fit into allotted space, these are packed to the max with expressive visuals and info.  They may well lead to heightened interest in and enhanced ability to talk / write about modern world history. 

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Use the Scenario: Time Lines on pages 97-100 to recall and learn more about significant world occurrences and movements from the early 1900s into the future.  In your mind or out loud, you can anticipate the verb-tense grammar (and the facts it conveys) by inserting (and adapting) given phrases into full statements or questions.

[2] On pages 101-113, study the pedagogy and do Exercises 5-A to **5-C. Compare what you (think you) already know about sentence structure and world history with supplied grammar rules + well-researched (catchword) vocabulary.

[3]  With Exercise ***5-D: Summary of the Scenario: Time Lines, apply your flourishing written (and oral) language skills to your (launch of) research and continuing interest into (the reality of) what happened, was / is happening, and is probably going to happen in our weirdly bizarre world. 


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