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Work/Life English

D-11.08 Infinitives before and after Verbs, Adjectives, & Nouns

D-11.08 Infinitives before and after Verbs, Adjectives, & Nouns

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Part Three: Adjectives & Nouns before Infinitives; Infinitives of Purpose—of Chapter 5 (“Education”) of WorkLife English Grammar 3: An Immigration Story, pages 87-90.  Part One: Infinitives (after Verbs, for Indirect Speech) of Chapter 8 (“Home & Family Life”)—of WorkLife English Grammar 4: Cross-Cultural Communication, pages 130-134

Who It’s For: (Self-) Teachers, Helpers, & Learners at Intermediate Language-Study Levels & Above      

Why It’s Useful: Infinitives (to + Base Verb) can be incorporated into connected discourse in various patterns. In these two excerpts from mid-level Grammar Texts, they’re employed to advantage in contexts of “(Early) Education” and “Home & Family Life.” You can review, summarize, and practice structures that sound good here. 

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  On page 87, look at the Part Three (of Chapter 5 of WLE G-3) Strip Story, “Helena’s friend is going to need childcare.” In it + the Explanations and Exercises that follow, pick out the “Adjectives & Nouns Before Infinitives” and the “Infinitives of Purpose.” Whether or not you’re interested in the Competency of “Finding Out about Childcare & Preschools,” the text material will help you to understand, verbalize, and/or write sentences that sound correct, reliable, or practical in real life. 

[2] On page 30 of Part One (of Chapter 8 of WLE G-4), scan the Lists of “Verbs That Take Infinitives,” noting those that may or that need to insert a Noun or Pronoun Object before to + Verb. (This word or phrase then becomes the Subject of the Infinitive.)  In the context of “Renting vs. Owning Housing,” complete and learn from Exercise A. On pages 132-133, improve your ability to use “Infinitives for Indirect Speech” and ”infinitives of Purpose.” Make use of  the information and vocabulary cues in the “Beyond the Book” discussions that end the segment.

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