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Work/Life English

D-11.09. “Install” Infinitive Forms into Core Sentence Structures

D-11.09. “Install” Infinitive Forms into Core Sentence Structures

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Parts One & Two of Chapter 4 (“Earning a Living”) of WorkLife English Grammar 5: Language & Culture in Depth, pages 66-78

13 pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) (High) Intermediate Through Advanced Language Learners Eager to Integrate Comparable or Related Kinds of Grammatical Structures      

Why It’s Useful: Are you ready to advance your use of Infinitives (of Purpose) after Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, & Verbs (with & without Objects)—and to express Past Habits or Intended Actions?  Within the Competencies of “Job Hunting” and “Describing Past Experience,” here are Passages to Correct, Grammar Lessons, Practice Sections, and Communicative Exchanges to teach / learn from—and to fulfill language-based educational aims.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] In the page 66 Chapter 4 Opener, “warm up” by perusing the lists of Competencies + Grammar topics to be covered.  On your own or together, correct the errors in the pages 67-68  Part One: Uses of infinitives Story, “The Job of Getting a Job.” With the Grammar Boxes + associated Exercises on the next five pages, check your understanding of and ability to put into context Infinitive Phrases of Purpose (Why? For What Reason?); Infinitives After Nouns, Pronouns, & Adjectives; Infinitives After Verbs (With & Without) Objects. Reflect on  what you’ve learned.

[2]  On page 74, in Part Two: Verb-Tense Forms with infinitives, edit the Selection: “Boring Work” for grammatical errors. Fix these. When completing Exercises A-F on the following four pages, refer to the Grammar: Past Situations & Repeated Activity (Used to / Would); the Future in the Past (was / were going to / about / to Verb) to check and expand your responses.     

[3] Summarize and go beyond what you’ve learned how to do in regard to Infinitive Forms.  Utilize them in any context in which they improve expression or communication.


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