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D-12.02 Add Prepositional Phrases, Possessives, & Indirect Objects to Sentences

D-12.02 Add Prepositional Phrases, Possessives, & Indirect Objects to Sentences

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Grammar 2: English in Everyday Life: Chapter 2: Prepositions (“Problems & Solutions”);  Chapter 4: Possessives (“Food & Things”); Chapter 5: Indirect Objects (“The Family”)

8 pages

Who It’s For: Beginning Teachers, Helpers, & Language Learners Expanding Simple Sentences with (Non-Verb) Elements   

Why It’s Useful: Aimed at instructors / students familiar with forms of be and base verbs, these assorted excerpts draw attention to prepositions used in place / time expressions and phrasal verbs; possessive forms that are nouns, pronouns, and adjectives; and pronouns; and indirect objects in full sentences.  Use them for “breaks from core grammar” or for review.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Practice the most familiar prepositions, with page 31 of Chapter 4, Part Four:  —in, at, on, to, from, for—in expressions of place and time—as well as in common phrasal verbs such as look at and listen to.  

[2] Introduce, practice, and/or review how to “Express Possession.” on Pages 51 to 53 of Chapter 2, Part One: Possessive Forms. In the Strip Story “This is our new house” + its Exercises, you’ll get and make sentences with possessive nouns, pronouns, and adjectives (Examples: That’s Edgar and Maria’s room. It’s theirs. But these aren’t their clothes.)  

[3] On page 80 of Part FourPractice Indirect Objects in “Describing Family Activities” with the most common verbs (bring, give, make, tell, etc.) that generate questions and statements with direct and/or indirect objects before other elements.   


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