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D-12.03 Use Not Only Personal But Also Reflexive & Reciprocal Pronouns

D-12.03 Use Not Only Personal But Also Reflexive & Reciprocal Pronouns

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Part Three of Chapter 8: Reflexive & Reciprocal Pronouns (“Health & Illness”) of WorkLife English Grammar 3: An Immigration Story, pages 140-143 

4 pages

Who It’s For: High Beginning Through Intermediate Teachers, Helpers, & Language Learners Ready for Parts of Speech Other Than Verbs & Nouns 

Why It’s Useful: As soon as language acquirers have grasped and can build basic English sentences ( [ Subject ] + Verb [ + Object ] [ + Rest of Sentence ] ), they may want to explore the particulars of “lesser” Parts of Speech like Pronouns.  Here’s a brief summary that goes beyond Personal Pronouns (I, me, mine; we, us, ours; she, her, hers; etc.) to Reflexives (myself, ourselves, herself: etc.) and Reciprocals (each other, one another).  The competency-based context is “Understanding Kinds of Health Care.”   

What You’ll Do: 

[1] On page 140, look at the drawing “There are many people in the doctor’s waiting room.” Think (and tell) what you know about “Personal, Reflexive, Reciprocal Pronouns.” Identify these in the introductory reading.  Check and update your knowledge with the patterns and notes in the Grammar Boxes that follow.   

[2] In Exercises A-*D, show that you can recognize all three kinds of pronouns to fill in blanks, describe a wider scene, and get and offer health info about yourselves and others.   


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