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Work/Life English

D-12.04 Compare & Contrast Personal, Reflexive & Reciprocal Pronouns

D-12.04 Compare & Contrast Personal, Reflexive & Reciprocal Pronouns

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Lessons 19 & 20 of Chapter 2: Pronouns (“Health & Fitnesss”) of WorkLife English Grammar 6: Issues & Answers, pages 42-44

3 pages

Who It’s For: Intermediate (& Beyond) Teachers, Helpers, & Language Learners Wanting  to Summarize Kinds of Pronouns  

Why It’s Useful: It’s not only a relief for learnersTeachers, too, like “smaller grammar topics” outside of the “verb-tense & aspect sentence core.” Here are two brief Lessons that summarize “Kinds of Pronouns.” 

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  (Lesson 19 on pages 42-43) Noting the uses of “Reflexives” (“to refer to the subject of a clause”) in contrast to “Personal Pronouns” (for “subjects, objects, possessives”), make sure you’ve mastered the 9 lines ( I, you, he, she, it, one; we, you, they ) of Singular & Plural Pronoun Forms ( Subject, Object, Possessive, Reflexive ).  Put these in the blanks of Exercise A (“Keeping in Shape”).  Use the pronouns in the Questions, Answers, & Statements of Exercises B & C. 

[2]  (Lesson 20 on page 44) Compare Reflexives ending in –self or -selves with Reciprocals (each other for two; one another for more).  Fill in the blanks of Exercise A, “Taking Care of Yourself & Others.” Use appropriate pronoun vocabulary to ask and answer the questions in B.  



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