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Work/Life English

D-12.14 Create Adjective Clauses

D-12.14 Create Adjective Clauses

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Part Three of Chapter 9: Adjective Clauses (“Friendship, Romance, & Love”) of WorkLife English Grammar 3: An Immigration Story, pages 154-156

3 pages

Who It’s For: High Beginning Through Intermediate Teachers, Helpers, & Language Learners Ready to Combine Short Sentences With Adjective Clauses

Why It’s Useful: There are many ways to modify nouns and pronouns with words or phrases that function as adjectives, but a clause may sound even better. Because it starts with a “relative pronoun” (who[m/, that, etc.), a “dependent adjectival clause” is not considered a complete sentence—even though it contains both a subject and a verb. In these exercises, you add the info of a short sentence to a noun or pronoun in a previous one.    

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Looking at the labeled Scene “There’s a potluck party in the school gym,” answer the questions below, all of which contain adjective clauses.  Learn how to create these by replacing subject- with relative-pronouns.  

[2] In the exercises, combine short sentences to create questions and answers with adjective clauses about the people in the visual and those in the class)room.

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