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D-13.10 Progress with Summary & Review: the Perfect Tenses

D-13.10 Progress with Summary & Review: the Perfect Tenses

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Unit 12: Summary & Review: the Perfect Tenses (“The Employment Agency”) of the Original Scenario, Volume Three: English Grammar in Context, pages 148-158

13 pages

Who It’s For: Advanced (Self-)Teachers & Helpers Wanting Yet Another Chance to Apply Their Knowledge & Ability to Uses of the “Perfect Tenses” to Real Life (in This Unit, Applying for Work) 

Why It’s Useful: A full summing up of phrasing and vocabulary for apply to any Time Frame includes all or most of the its Forms & Patterns, Verb-Tense Uses, and relevant “Fine Points” (connotations and comparisons of assorted Tenses, Aspects, and even Modes).  So for the “Perfect Tenses,” here they are again—in various Grammar Charts, Exchanges at an “Employment Agency,” simulated Realia (Job Applications, Resumes, Employment Ads), and the like.    

What You’ll Do: 

[1] On page 148, make analytical use of the Present vs. Past Tenses Summary Chart, which includes not only the basics but also reminders of Non-Action vs. Action Verbs, Completion vs. Duration of Action, and The Conditional.  Show your grasp of the material by filling in verb phrases in Dialogs (about work history, experience, and skills).      

[2] For the culmination of your study, write letters and engage in job interviews that satisfy your imagination and/or that replicate your real plans for the future. 

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