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D-13.11 Reasons & Instructions

D-13.11 Reasons & Instructions

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52-Page Intermediate Verb-Forms Instructions & Ideas Book : Use With or Without a 108 Two-Sided, Three-of-a-Kind Card Pack

52 1/2 size pages

Who It’s For: Teachers & Independent Intermediate & Beyond Learners of Regular & Irregular Base + Simple-Past + Past Participle Verb Forms

Why You Need It: Because lessons on Present, Past, & Future Perfect (Continuous) Verb Forms & Structures tend to be “high-level,” they don’t often deliver Verb Vocabulary—the “Four Principle Parts” of every verb—a Base Form without endings, the Simple Past, a Past Participle, a Present Participle.  The first two—Verb + Verb-ed (or Irregular Past Forms) are covered while dealing with Infinitives or the Simple Present; the last (Verb-ing) is integral to Continuous Verb Phrasing.  So the Verb Vocabulary to be taught / learned at or above Intermediate Levels consists of Past Participles, which are the same as the Simple Past Forms for regular verbs, but different for many irregular verbs (like be/was/been or eat/ate/eaten)

With this Activity & Idea Book, you / your students can (re-)assure yourselves that acquiring grammar-based vocabulary can be as enjoyable as playing cards or other games. So can applying new words to meaningful verb-phrasing contexts. Whether you prefer to design / create Card Decks on your own—or to purchase and download Parts & Pieces D-13.12 from WorkLife, these pages offer an abundance of information and ideas for using them in effective and efficient grammar lessons. 

What You’ll Do:  

[1] Peruse the book Cover & Table of Contents, getting reasons for using educational Word-Card and other game materials in higher-level grammar instruction. Notice how 108 Intermediate Cards are constructed: 36 Base Verbs are on card faces with definitions on their reverse sides. These are to match with 36 Simple-Past Forms on other cards that have illustrated sentences with blanks to fill in—and with 36 Past Participles backed up by 2 to 4 Phrase Contexts each.                          

[2] Follow and/or adapt Instructions for Preparation, instructional Approaches, competitive/cooperative Card Games, & Educational Follow-Up . For “Educational Follow-Up,” Make good use of Verb-Forms Reference Lists.



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