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D-13.13 Get Reasons & Instructions for Use of Advanced (Irregular) Verb-Forms

D-13.13 Get Reasons & Instructions for Use of Advanced (Irregular) Verb-Forms

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52-Page Advanced Verb-Forms Instructions & Ideas Book (for Use With or Without a 54-Verb, 162 Two-Sided Three-of-a-Kind Card Pack)

56 half-sized pages

Who It’s For: Teachers & Independent Learners of Irregular Base + Simple-Past + Past Participle Verb Forms to Use in (Advanced & Beyond) Speaking & Writing Context

Why You Need It: Because instruction in Present, Past, & Future Perfect (Continuous) (Modal) Verb Forms & Structures tends to be “high-level,” it doesn’t often zoom in on Verb Vocabulary—with “Three Principle Parts” (Base Forms, Simple Past, Past Participles)of each “action word” as their focal point. The first these appear plentifully in Lessons with Simple Verb Tenses & (Subject +) Verb (+ Object) Phrasing.   But for advancing students wanting to maximize their uses of the lexicon, it might be worth revisiting past participle forms as wellnot only in sophisticated sentence / clause contexts, but also in less frenetic Concentration on Vocabulary. Use this most advanced (and complete) Activity & Idea Book to retrieve and surpass established methods of teaching/learning, enjoying, playing with, and mastering the English-language system of Verbs and their related grammar. 

What You’ll Do:  

[1] Peruse the book Cover & Table of Contents, getting reasons for using educational Word-Card and other game materials in high-level grammar instruction. Notice how 162 Advanced Cards are constructed: 54 Base Verbs are on card faces with definitions on their reverse sides; 54 Simple-Past Forms have illustrated sentences with blanks to fill in on their back; 54 Past Participles are backed up with 2 to 4 Phrase Contexts each.                          

[2] Want yet another chance at augmenting your use of Verb-Vocabulary in language-skills-based instruction and/or real-life communicative expression? Follow and/or adapt Instructions for Review, Preparation, instructional Approaches, Card-Games Play, Educational Follow-Up, Verb-Part Reference Lists.  And keep on keeping on.

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