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D-15.05 “(Re-)Do” Noun Clauses, Adverb Clauses, & the Conditional

D-15.05 “(Re-)Do” Noun Clauses, Adverb Clauses, & the Conditional

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Parts One, Two, Three, Four of Chapter 10: Clauses (“A Lifetime of Learning”) of WorkLife English Grammar 5: Language & Culture in Depth, pages 183-202


Who It’s For: (High-Level) (Self-)Teachers & Helpers Interested in (Re-)Organizing & (Re)Constructing (Methods of) (Independent & Dependent) (Noun, Adjective, & Adverb) Clause (& Sentence) Combining. 

Why It’s Useful: Possibly, we’ve / you’ve “reached the pinnacle” of grammar acquisition when we / you can put any two or more ideas together in smooth-sounding Complex Sentences with expressive Connectors. So here’s a Chapter called “A Lifetime of (Language) Learning” that re-combines previously joined combinations.  Appreciate and enjoy its (sophisticated) linguistic humor!  

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Look over the page 183 Chapter 10 Opener. Notice the four main portions of Grammar: Noun Clauses, Adverb Clauses, the Conditional, Summary of Clauses. Anticipate how the Subject Matter—”Understanding the ‘Rules’ of Language,”  “Describing Language Learning,” “Punning,” “Using Idioms,” “Playing Games with Words”—might be amusingly illustrative of the grammar—and lots of fun, too. 

[2] On pages 184-188, begin by correcting grammar errors in the irreverent Part One put-on regarding “The ‘Rules” of Formal English Usage.” Referring to vocabulary-enhanced Explanations of Noun Clauses after Verbs & Adjectives & Indirect (Reported) Speech, complete and change sentences to reflect your own views.  

[3] In Part Two on pages 190-194, exhibit (or start acquiring) lexical talent by having “Fun with Puns.” In reacting to the “plays on words” and creating your own, optimize your use of Adverb Clauses after Connectors.   

[4] Part Three on pages 195-199 celebrates “the Conditional.” As you combine dependent (if- & unless) with main clauses expressing (Real) Possibilities and/or Hypothetical Situations in various time frames, you’ll add to your “Understanding & Use of Idioms.” There’s plenty of vocabulary to start with and add to. 

[5] As expected, Part Four on pages 200-202 is a “Summary of (Noun, Adjective, & Adverb) Clauses.” While refining your grasp of and skill with Complex Sentences, each containing an Independent Clause + one or more Dependent Clauses, you’re likely to get even better at “Playing with words."

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