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Work Life English

D-10b Original Scenario 1

D-10b Original Scenario 1

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This is a comprehensive language-skills course book with a focus on grammar, contextual learning, and practical vocabulary. It presents 16 engaging scenarios (contexts) that allow learners to practice English language skills in real-life situations. It offers a versatile and adaptable resource for both academically oriented classes and non-academic settings. It also offers a straightforward approach to grammar-based language learning, allowing teachers to create customized and challenging courses for both groups and individuals.

Key Components:

  • 16 Scenarios (contexts) with engaging chapter titles, providing real-life situations for language learning.
  • Communicative oral-skills and writing activities to reinforce grammar concepts.
  • Practical vocabulary and subject matter (content information) for meaningful language use.
  • Group work, peer feedback, and academic writing exercises to encourage collaborative learning.


229 pages

Who They're For:

  • It is specifically tailored for teachers and learners involved in low-level college
  • It targets learners at high beginning through intermediate levels, including those with previous English experience beyond the "BASIC" level.
  • It caters to those seeking a simple design with black and white text for effective language learning.
  • Sophisticated adult
  • Secondary ESL programs.

Why You Need It: 

It's available for download and immediate use in black and white. Or you can order the quantity needed to be shipped from an in-stock early print run that shows its age. It's a simple Beginning-Level grammar-based language-skills course book that allows teachers to custom-design a challenging course for groups and individuals--with communicative oral-skills and writing activities, practical vocabulary, subject matter (content information), group work, peer feedback, and academic writing.

What You Will Do:

1.Assess students learning objectives - desired behavioral skills - and level of English Competencies.

2.Review the content in the 16 Scenarios (contexts) with chapter titles that include: The Show; Curiosity; The Hungry Man; The Dream; Following Instructions ; Home Sickness; Housework; The Job Interview; Questions, Questions!; A Visit to the Doctor; Holiday Customs; Roommates; Shopping Trip; We're Moving; A Miserable Date; A Holiday Scene; Gossip; The Therapist; The Fortune Teller; and Scenes.

3.Correlate results of 1. and 2. and optimize assignments and learning for small groups and individuals

Use the work and life content and concepts in this 229-page text to deliver useful English skills and competencies.
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