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E-00.03b Get Pronunciation Practice with Symbols for Sounds, Alphabet Letters, & Greetings

E-00.03b Get Pronunciation Practice with Symbols for Sounds, Alphabet Letters, & Greetings

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Pronunciation Practice (Before Speaking). Getting Started:  Greet People by Name & Numbers (Symbols for Sounds / Letters of the Alphabet /  Numbers / Pronunciation Terms), + Answer Key & Audioscript for pages 4-8

 8 (+ 3) pages = 11pp

Who It’s For: Language Teachers, Learners, & Helpers Wanting to Relate to One Another While (Re)Viewing Some Basics of Sounds, Letters, Names, Contact Data, & Vocabulary Relevant to Oral-Skills Instruction   

Why It’s Useful: Beyond novice levels of proficiency, teachers / students may want reminders of the 40 + Sounds of American English, their IPA & Dictionary Symbols, Letters that spell them in common word examples, and some words or  phrases to use when delving into Oral-Language Skills.  Here they are—in the Intro to Pronunciation Practice (Before Speaking): High Beginning to Intermediate Instruction & Activities in Vowel & Consonant Sounds, Syllables, Stress, Rhythm, and Other Features of Clear American Accent.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Together, read aloud the 0.A Cartoon Story in which a customer goes into a store with many “greeters.” Notice the variety of ways to say “hello” and “good-bye”—and their clear pronunciation.  Keeping in mind “Elements of Speech” like Sentences / Phrases / Words / Syllables / Sounds, help one another to “get the joke.”  
[2]  Use the pen 0-C, Pronounce & Spell Names & Other Info, notice that the 16 illustrated, made-up Names on page 4 contain all the sounds of English. While reviewing the names of the 26 Alphabet Letters (for oral spelling) + Numbers, you can engage in 3 or 4 different Pronunciation Activities with this Game Board.   
[3] In 0.D at the end of the Download, from their phonetic transcription read aloud and write down 12 linguistic terms. Match them with their definitions.  To get a head start on Pronunciation Practice, see if you can understand and give examples of these concepts in advance.
[4] If they’re relevant, get what you need or can use from the 3 excerpted Answer Key & AudioScript for PrPr (BeSp).  These are attached to the end of the E-00.03 Download.
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