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Work/Life English

E-01.06 Talk About (Aspects of) Things: Describe Objects; Tell About Their Appearance, Materials, Parts, & Purposes.

E-01.06 Talk About (Aspects of) Things: Describe Objects; Tell About Their Appearance, Materials, Parts, & Purposes.

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Before Speaking: Part One-2 Talk About Things: Activities for Practice & Preparation in Oral Language Skills; Describe Objects, pages 20-34 + 15 Answer Key Pages with Suggested (Model) Responses to Describing-Objects Activities & Games

15 + 15 (30) pages 

Who It’s For: Language-Arts Teachers, Learners, & Helpers Continuing to “Talk About Things” by Describing Items’ Appearances & Uses (While Emphasizing Vowel Sounds)

Why It’s Useful: As soon as they can Name Items, evolving language learners can enjoy polishing their English pronunciation and grammar while describing things in detail.  Using appropriate Statement, Question, & Response patterns—like Adjectives of Description after Linking Verbs, text users are offered a profusion of appealing Vocabulary: Adjectives of Description for Size & Shape, Color, Weight & Texture, Taste & Smell, Materials & Parts, and Item Purposes. There are plenty of photographic images, guessing chains, and even games to play with pictured and/or real objects. Extensive sections of suggested sample language from the Before Speaking Answer Key for Text Activities not only make the materials “self-instructional.” They also provide additional (“native-teacher”) input in collaborative language-acquisition activities.      

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  After perusing Grammar & Vocabulary Notes, follow Instructions 2.A to Tell & Ask About Items a-s that follow.  Note that these are quite distinctive in appearance and other characteristics, so they elicit many distinguishing descriptive words. review sentence structures for Negative Statements; Yes/No, Tag, & Choice Questions.  Follow Steps for interactive exchanges about the Visuals.

[2] Get Grammar & Vocabulary Notes applying to Materials & Parts. In 2.B, use these to Describe Details of Items in 24 excerpted fragments of 24 larger photos.  Review  structures / vocabulary used for Functions & Uses of Things. In 2.C, Classify Items by Purpose by completing Charts and comparing your entries in verbal competitions.  In 2.D, Ask & Answer Information Questions about Object Description (pictured and tangible) in Games. Refer to Summary Vocabulary Lists.

[3]  For challenge and fun, follow steps in ***2.E Give Mini-Speeches for an elucidating “Gift-Exchange Game.”  Whenever they help with self-confidence, correctness, and/or linguistic effectiveness, you can refer to, follow, and/or learn from the many samples and models in excerpted and attached Before Speaking Answer Key pages 15-31.  

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