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E-02.05 Recognize, Pronounce & Contrast Focus Points in Place Names, Phrases & Sentences

E-02.05 Recognize, Pronounce & Contrast Focus Points in Place Names, Phrases & Sentences

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Sections 5.A to 5.D (Focus Points) of Part Two-5: Talk About Places, of Pronunciation Practice (Before Speaking) pages 38-44 + 4.5 Answer Key Pages

7 + 4.5 (11.5) pages

Who It’s For: High-Beginning & Above Developers of Oral-Language Skills About to Make  Speech More Expressive by Identifying & Emphasizing (Syllables That Are) Focal Points 

Why It’s Useful: Expanding on E-02.04 Part Two-5 of Beginners’ Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles, these Pronunciation Practice sections advise emphasizing focal points in phrases as a technique for making speech easier to hear or comprehend. To this end, it also includes practice in reduction or de-emphasis of unstressed syllables. Grid-Like Activities + paired Exercises in Getting & Giving Street Directions & Locating Places on Maps augment its effectiveness. So might checking relevant responses to those of a Pronunciation Practice (PrPr) Answer Key.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Segment 5-A gets right into paired Exchanges with Focal Points to incorporate into questions and Street Directions (on a campus map).  In 5-B, text users continue  adding “Voice Pitch” to the clarity of their “Speech Music.” A colorfully illustrated 5-C gets speakers to “Stress Focus Points in Place Names” while reducing vowel sounds to / ԑ / or / « / when indicated.  In 5-D, they get to locate places on U.S. maps in an oral “Information Gap” activity—and then show what they know about where well-known places or features in the country can be found.   

[2] The attached 4.5 pages from the Answer Key & Audioscript for Pronunciation Practice (Before Speaking) can supplement Clear Pronunciation instruction and improvement. For more Oral Skills practice with Vocabulary, Grammar, & Language Competencies that correspond to those in PrPr (BeSp), download Parts & Pieces 02.06, which contains Before Speaking Part Two-5.  

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