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E-02.07 Polish Phrase & Sentence “Meaning Focus.”

E-02.07 Polish Phrase & Sentence “Meaning Focus.”

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Accent Activities: Pronunciation Supplement to Speaking. Part One: Focusing on Focus (Phrase & Sentence “Meaning Focus”), pages 13-20 (+ Answer Key Sample pages 79-80) 

8 + 2 (10) pages

Who It’s For: Intermediate & Above English (as a Second Language) Teachers, Helpers,  & Learners Wanting “Beyond the Basics” Hints & Monitored Practice in Aural / Oral Phrase & Sentence Patterns for Optimal Speech Effectiveness 

Why It’s Useful: Beyond the fundamentals of vowel-sound articulation in stressed syllables, evolving trainees are likely to want to discover and acquire techniques that optimize the expressiveness of (American( English speech.  Often neglected in lower-level language instruction, the Accent-Acquisition Principle of Meaning Focus may be received as a practical “revelation.” Applying the “Jump Up, Step /Glide Down Step System” of American Speech Music, text users get to hear, imitate, and utilize its elements in “Short-Talks.” Especially, they learn to employ Rules 1, 2, 3 in End-of-Sentence, Special Emphasis, & Function-Word Meaning Focuses.

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  At proficient language levels, present or examine the technique of placing extra stress on the most significant (words or) syllables in the components of fluent speech.  Listen to—and observe notation for—meaningful emphasis in sample Conversations about Oral-Language Abilities. 

[2] In preparation for receiving and giving fluent “Short Talks” of your own, “analyze” given discourse, perhaps checking your identification of focal points to those offered in attached pages of the Accent Activities (Pronunciation Supplement for Speaking) Answer Key.

[3] Finally, make “Meaning Focus” obvious or apparent in exchanges based on “Open-Ended Questions & Short Talk”. Continue using the principles in communicative real-life exchanges.  More material for “Short Talk, Not Small Talk” is in Download E-10.03, excerpted from Speaking: Oral Language Skills for Real-Life Communication.

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