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E-02.11 Recognize & Use Effective Sentence Rhythm with Focal Points & Reduced Forms in Talk About Places

E-02.11 Recognize & Use Effective Sentence Rhythm with Focal Points & Reduced Forms in Talk About Places

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Sections 6.A to 6.D (Sentence Stress & Rhythm) of Part Two-6: Talk About Places, of Pronunciation Practice (Before Speaking) pages 45-52 + 4.5 Pages from a PrPr (BeSp) Answer Key & Audioscript   

8 + 5 (13) pages  

Who It’s For: High-Beginning & Above Developers of Oral-Language Skills (Still) Making  Speech More Informative by Emphasizing Focal Points Over Content Words (& Reduced Forms) in Fluent Explanation   

Why It’s Useful: Expanding on E-02.09 Part Two-6 of Beginners’ Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles—as well as E-02.10 of Accent Activities, these Pronunciation Practice sections offer plenty of content with which to practice Typical Sentence Stress & Rhythm.  Sidebars deliver instruction in these.  Later, there’s explanation of “Reduced Forms in Rhythmic Fluent Speech” + “Focus Point Emphasis for Meaning.”  You can compare your decisions to those of a Pronunciation Practice (PrPr) Answer Key.  

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Segment 6.A offers a general-purpose article about (nicknames, history, population, size, and state symbols of) California to mark stressed, focus, and reduced syllables on before, after, and/or while reading (and re-reading) it aloud.  In 6.B, text users get to compare the time-stressed sentence rhythms of pairs of utterances. 

[2] 6-C, which contains sentences about world nations to complete, is for “Recognizing & Using Reduced Forms & Focus Points in Sentence Rhythm.”  6-D shows how identical items  can have different meanings when their stress patterns are shifted—as in  White House vs. white house, Yellowstone vs. yellow stone, or Portland vs. port land; désert vs. desért or óverlook vs. overlóok.  The Download ends with work on related words with different suffixes. 

[3] The attached 4.5 pages from the Answer Key & Audioscript for Pronunciation Practice (Before Speaking) can supplement Clear Pronunciation instruction and improvement. For more Oral Skills practice with Vocabulary, Grammar, & Language Competencies that correspond to those in PrPr (BeSp), download Parts & Pieces 02.12, which contains Before Speaking Part Two-6: Info About Places.  


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