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Work/Life English

E-03.06 Get & Give Info About (Present) Facts & (Past) Events in (Famous / Real) People’s Lives

E-03.06 Get & Give Info About (Present) Facts & (Past) Events in (Famous / Real) People’s Lives

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Before Speaking: Activities for Practice & Preparation in Oral Language Skills. Part Three, Talk About People: 8: Tell About People’s Lives, pages 131-152 + 17 Answer Key Pages with Suggested (Model) Responses Containing Facts About (Famous) People’s Lives

22 + 17 = 39 pages

Who It’s For: Language-Arts Teachers, Learners, & Helpers Who Want to “Talk About People” with Info About (Famous) (Past & Present) Figure’s Lives.  Its Pronunciation Focus is Consonant Sounds & Blends.

Why It’s Useful: Because there are so many Sub-Topics involved in “Talk About People” (how they look[ed], what they do / did, what they’re known for), evolving language learners using Intransitive vs. Transitive Verbs in Simple & Continuous, Present &. Past Verb Phrasing will need a lot of Vocabulary + Data to work with. Anticipating interest in Biography: Short, Short Stories Based on Messages from People’s Live, Part Three-8 offers Visual Grids with 40 caricatures / photos of known individuals & groups)—to identify by name and tell about with given cues & other info. There are six “Biography Cards” (for use as templates) that enable participants to interact in “Expert Games” as well as “Games of Knowledge.”  Attached excerpts from the Before Speaking Answer Key for Text Activities make the materials “self-teaching.”  They provide additional (researched) input for learning about our world and its people. 

What You’ll Do:  

[1]  Look over Grammar & Vocabulary Notes. On pages 131-140, follow Instructions 8.A, 8-B, & 8-C to revive what you know, to teach, and to learn about over 40 significant figures from the 20th & 21st Centuries. In exchanging info about Bill Gates, Elizabeth Taylor, Mohammed Ali, Yoko Ono, the Pope, the Dali Lama, Supreme Court Justices, Queen Elizabeth & Prince Charles, the Clintons, and many other personalities that have shaped history, you’ll be polishing your ability to integrate knowledge, real facts, and logical thinking about hypotheses about people’s impact on the world. 

[2]  In the Expert Game: Biography on pages 141-146, each participant in a group of six gets to become “an authority” on (the meaning of) the life of a figure from a different field of endeavor: Media, Politics, Government, Literature, Art, Science. Listeners take notes on their presentations. Everyone asks useful Questions.  In the 8-D Game of Knowledge: Biography on pages 148-151, they incorporate what they knew, are learning, and/or will research into their thinking.  Summary Vocabulary Lists: Info About People’s Lives may help by triggering ideas.  So can Answer Key input. 

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