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E-03.10 Get to Know People with Open-Ended Social Talk about the Past, the Present, the Future

E-03.10 Get to Know People with Open-Ended Social Talk about the Past, the Present, the Future

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Before Speaking: Activities for Practice & Preparation in Oral Language Skills. Part Three-9, Talk About People: 6: Get to Know People, pages 154-166 + 19 Answer Key Pages with Suggested (Model) (Real & Invented) Conversations & Responses to Open-Ended Questions 

13 + 19 = 32 pages  

Who It’s For: Language-Arts Teachers, Learners, & Helpers Continuing to “Talk About People” by Conversing with Others; (with Features of Fluent, Everyday Speech) 

Why It’s Useful: The culmination of “Talk About People” is likely to involve detailed info gathered and given while conversing with others.  In this download, nearly all the topics likely to come up have been classified as Talk About the Past / the Present / the Future plus “Open-Ended Social Talk.” Its Summary Vocabulary Lists and directives for Giving a Mini-Speech sum up its offerings. So does the sampling of (actual) responses in the attached 24 pages from the Before Speaking Answer Key for Text Activities.

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  After perusing 9-A. Grammar Notes: Past Time, use cues—and your own ideas—to “Make Social Talk About the Past,” apt to involve “Facts About Birth, Growing Up, School, Work, Relationships.” Follow analogous advice + steps in talk about 9.B. Present “Activities, Interests, (Dis)Likes, Preferences”—and then 9.C. Future “Plans, Dreams, Predictions,” and the like.  If the thoughts or ideas that come up don’t (obviously) fit into the featured categories, don’t hesitate to include them, anyway.

[2] . In 9.D. Make Interesting & Effective Social Talk, use the supplied 16 Open-Ended Question Cards (and/or your own materials) in suggested Games that follow: Conversational “Roles,”  Truth or “Put On,” “What’s the Question.”  Of course, you can invent even more engaging activities of your own—or simply “just talk.” Looking ahead, you might want to download E-10.04 a-b: Open-Ended Question (Cards) + Activity & Idea Book.

[3] Finishing Part Three: Talk About People and the whole Before Speaking text, make the most of their last Mini-Speech by “Getting to Know People” you may have only thought you already knew.  Referring to attached pages from the Answer-Key for Text Activities, enjoy, learn from, and augment the responses from real people from ordinary history.


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