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Work/Life English

E-04.05 Continue Basic Oral-Skills Training with Talk About Time, Place, & Weather: Plan Meetings

E-04.05 Continue Basic Oral-Skills Training with Talk About Time, Place, & Weather: Plan Meetings

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WorkLife English Book 1, Chapter 5: Times & Places, With Tapescript and Pronunciation Worksheets

11 + 2+2 = 15 pp

Who It’s For: English-Language Learners Practicing (with Teachers & Helpers) Oral Language Relevant to Community Activity—at Fixed Times and in Certain Places 

Why It’s Useful: As soon as they’re settled in a place, students of English may want to interact (physically or virtually) at community locations—perhaps at eating places; in stores, shopping centers, or offices; at school, and/or outside.  Verbal exchanges in these situations are likely to relate to the weather, locations of buildings, times of day, dates, and other details of plans to meet.  Here’s coverage of those practical Competencies, with the comforting Strip Story, illustrated Vocabulary, Listening Tasks, and reciprocal activity. As usual, relevant correct responses are attached—as are Pronunciation Worksheets with dyad exchanges + attention to contrasting sounds.    

What You’ll Do: 

[1] In the page 60 Strip Story, “It’s Windy & Cold Today,” listeners can follow along as they hear (others) read aloud or act out the dialog.  Notice / Point out Vocabulary + Patterns involved in talking about what to do when—and how to get together.  Go over these in Part One / Vocabulary exercises on pages 61-64. As in the rest of Chapter 5, examples relate to Places in Locations; Time, Days, Months, & Dates; Weather. They contain the structures there is / are  + nouns and impersonal it before adjectives or noun phrases.  There’s also reinforcement for pronunciation of names of the days of the week & months; dates; and ordinal numbers.

[2]  Chapter 5 continues with Part Two / Listening tasking: exchanges take place (on the street or inside buildings) in the community.  Its Part Three / Grammar in Conversation sections contain Conversations (that elicit Substitution of words / sentences) about time, dates, & scheduling.    

[3] The highlighted sections of Tapescript pages 140-141, excerpted from the WorkLife English Skills Book 1 Instructor’s Annotated Edition, can help in use of most material in Chapter 5, “Times & Places.” Two extra “Pronunciation Worksheets,” pages 117-118 of the I.A.E., get learners to converse about birthdays—before they contrast more  initial consonants. 

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