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Work/Life English

E-04.06 (With Be-Sentences,)Understand & Talk About Sizes, Prices, & Physical Feelings (at Beginner Levels)

E-04.06 (With Be-Sentences,)Understand & Talk About Sizes, Prices, & Physical Feelings (at Beginner Levels)

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WorkLife English Book 1, Chapter 6: The Body, With Tapescript and Pronunciation Worksheets

10 + 2+2 = 14 pp

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) English-Language Beginners Becoming Functional in Verbal Interaction About the Body, Clothing, Physical Needs, Illness, Appointments.  

Why It’s Useful: No matter what they’ve been talking about so far, language learners may  soon be focusing on physical matters—how they and others feel plus what they need (to take, to put on, or to do next).  Chapter 6 dialogs between a probable patient and medical personnel set up its situational context.  Chapter 6 Vocabulary includes words for body parts, feelings, apparel & things.  Its Listening Tasks & Grammar sections review present Forms of the Verb Be and use of Frequency Adverbs. 

What You’ll Do: 

[1] On page 76, some oral Competencies introduced in the Strip Story: What’s the Matter? I’m Sick are “Making an Appointment,” “Asking & Telling Symptoms,” “Giving & Getting Instructions for Medicine.”  It ends with reaction to a doctor’s bill. 

[2] Part One / Vocabulary Exercises on pages 77-78 match labels to body parts, clothing items, things patients need, and contrasts between feelings of the sick vs. the healthy. The settings for four Listening Tasks in Part Two on pages 79-80 are a fitting room, a medical reception area, a pharmacy, and a park.  They’re followed by exchanges that include clothing sizes, complaints, health habits, and medicine labels.

[3]  Part Three / Grammar in Conversation (pages 81-85) are centered around Simple Present sentences, many containing forms of beSubstituting given & their own items, speakers converse about the fit of clothing, physical complaints, health practices, and appointment times.  

[4] Highlighted sections of Tapescript pages 142-143, excerpted from the WorkLife English Skills Book 1 Instructor’s Annotated Edition, can help reinforce vocabulary, structures, and functions called for in Chapter 6: the Body.  So can the two attached Pronunciation Worksheets, which continue to contrast sounds in statements + wh-questions with rising-falling intonation.

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