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Work/Life English

E-04.07 In the Present, Exchange Basic Information About Families, Countries & Work Activity

E-04.07 In the Present, Exchange Basic Information About Families, Countries & Work Activity

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WorkLife English Book 1, Chapter 7: People, With Tapescript and Pronunciation Worksheets

10+ 2 + 4 = 16 pp

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Evolving (Levels 1 & 2) English-Language Learners Ready to Converse About People, Geographical Places, Job Titles & Responsibilities   

Why It’s Useful: Probably, English learners who are still getting the idea of what Oral Language Skills development entails are likely to be asked / ask others about family (members)—their names & relationships, where they live, what they do.  If participants are from elsewhere,  especially from other countries, talk about geographical location is apt to ensue.  The question “What do(es) you ( he / she / they ) do?” is also likely.  Parts One, Two, Three of Chapter 7 provide Vocabulary, sentence structures, input, and impetus needed to participate in talk about people.  Answer Key segments &  Pronunciation Worksheets fit right in.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Chapter 7 begins on page 90 with a Pass-the-Time Chat titled “My Family Lives in Iraq.” Two post office customers standing in line ask and answer questions about each other’s relatives, countries of origin, and occupationsPart One / Vocabulary presents and practices words and grammar common in such “small talk.” 

[2] Part Two / Listening tasks “stay in the present” by eliciting response to postal service requests. Speakers exchange info about where they are from and what they do in the jobs. And there’s opportunity to “take a message” for someone else.  Part Three / Grammar in Conversation exchanges about participants and their family members necessitate understanding of and elicit the same kinds of info.

[3] Tapescript pages 143-144 display the text of relevant Audio material from the WorkLife English Skills Book 1 Instructor’s Annotated Edition.  Chapter 7 Pronunciation Worksheets get pairs of learners to interact about locations of countries on maps.  After again practicing  Initial Consonants, they focus on the sounds created when -(e)s is added to words.  

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