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Work/Life English

E-04.09 In the Present & Past, Talk About Work Abilities, Experience, & More

E-04.09 In the Present & Past, Talk About Work Abilities, Experience, & More

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WorkLife English Book 1: Chapter 9: Work + Tapescript Pronunciation Worksheet 

10 + 2 + 2 =14 pp

Who It’s For: Teachers, Helpers, & Continuing Students Who Need or Want to Comprehend & Use Language Useful in Getting & Doing Jobs—& Hiring

Why It’s Useful: Nearly all (young) adults (these days) need to apply for work and/or to look for helpers in their businesses.  Adding the “Simple Past” to their grammatical repertoire, Chapter 9: Work offers text users chances to understand and use effective language when they refer to positions & set up interviews; converse about skills, qualifications, & experience; hire or get hired; pay or get paid; and otherwise participate in the world of Work.  As is usual with Downloads from WorkLife English Skills Book 1: Life Skills, the Intro plus Parts One, Two, Three further participants’ Oral-Language Skills—while focusing consistently on an important practical area of real life or reality.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] In four Illustrated Frames on page 119, a potential employee interacts with company personnel in regard to a job ad, vocational skills & education; work experience & changes, and successful hiring.  Two pages of Vocabulary exercises suggest (-ing verb) sentence patterns regarding job searches, phrases for position titles, and past-time explanations of work experience.  

[2]  Listening Tasks get “job applicants” /  potential “employers” to communicate in scheduling and interviewing. Their simulated “realia” consists of “Help-Wanted Ads” and evidence of completed education / training. To practice “Grammar in Conversation,” learners get to simulate telephone calls. They hear samples of and engage in exchanges about present abilities and past experience. There are even simplified “Work History” forms to use as templates and add real-life info to.      

[3] As usual, highlighted sections of attached Tapescript pages, from WorkLife English Skills Book 1 I.A.E., help learners to connect what they hear and say to how it looks in printed text.

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