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Work/Life English

E-04.10 With (Present &) Future Patterns, React to & Make Plans for Having Fun

E-04.10 With (Present &) Future Patterns, React to & Make Plans for Having Fun

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Life Skills: Fun, with Tapescript Pronunciation Worksheets

WorkLife English Book 1

8 + 2 + 2 = 12  pp

Who It’s For: Teachers, Helpers, & Progressing Speakers of English Ready to “Take It Easy” with a Break from Serious Real-Life Topics 

Why It’s Useful: Everybody needs to think or talk about—and make—plans for pursuing (recreational) interests now and then.  In the Intro to the final Strip Story of WorkLife English Skills Book 1: Life Skills, two young adults ask each other, “What are You Going to Do Today?”  With sentence structures for the Present / Future, they verbalize their thoughts about spending some time on sports, in fun classes, with music, and on entertainment.  Illustrated Part One Vocabulary suggests swimming, bicycling, football & other sports, movies (but not radio), shopping, card-playing, and partying.  Part Two Listening Tasks are related to the same kinds of pursuits.  Exercises A, *B, C, D, E, *F of Part Three / Grammar get participants to ask about and reveal present interests—and to use the present (continuous) or going to verb phrasing for intentions in the near future.  Tapescript portions reinforce appropriate sentence structuring.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Enjoy a page 133 Strip Story with an ironic twist, as two pals wax eloquent on their “plans” for the day.  On the next page, have fun matching drawings of recreational activities with sample sentences.

[2]  On pages 135-136, listen for Audio cues in Exercise A that suggest a party invitation, TV programming, a trio of bored people with nothing to do, and city athletic offerings.  In B, Follow instructions to sequence illustrations of two speakers’ plans for the day. Then circle mentioned info in an invite to a school party, write missing words in a TV schedule, and check (4) classes that  speakers intend to take. 

[3] On pages 137-140 at the end of Chapter 10—and to finish up with the WorkLife English Skills Book 1 (except for the omitted ten Parts Four: Reading & Writing),  participants can substitute given and their own words into Dialogs about interests, plans for the near future, and other question & answer sequences. 

[4] All that remains are the usual, highlighted sections of attached Tapescript pages, from WorkLife English Skills Book 1 I.A.E. and the last of the extra Pronunciation Worksheets.

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