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Work/Life English

E-06.05 Listening & Speaking Better, Educate Yourselves & Others About Schooling

E-06.05 Listening & Speaking Better, Educate Yourselves & Others About Schooling

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English in Everyday Life: An Immigration Story

WorkLife English: Competency-Based Listening/Speaking, Book 3; Chapter 5 Education 

11 + 3 = 14 pp

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) (Intermediate & Beyond) Language Learners Merging (Primary to Higher) (Language) Education with Finding Out About Schools      

Why It’s Useful: Children, young adults, and nearly everyone else need(s) to (start or) keep on learning—how to improve English + job & life skills, how to help others advance, how to access educational opportunities.  In accustomed formats and with comparable aims, the Audio portions of E-06.05 Chapter 5 touch on topics like the American educational system, volunteering as an educational aide, taking Adult School classes, and worrying about teenagers’ lack of motivation in school. Later segments tell listeners what to do to enroll in night classes and how to evaluate an English course

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Notice that the Competencies on the Chapter 5: Opener page include “Understanding Educational Opportunities,” “Following Enrollment Steps & Class-Evaluation Procedures,” and “Making Appointments.” The Grammar in Focus is “The Future” and “Infinitives.” 

[2] With Better Listening in Part One, text users hear what the usual protagonists will do  to help children learn, improve vocational skills, and pursue educational interests.  Contractions & Words in Fast Speech to notice include Personal Pronouns and words in Future Verb phrases.    

[3] Clear Speech in Part Two refers to contrasts in sibilant sounds, including / iz z s / for the (e)s ending.  Good Communication phrasing In Part Three encourages speakers to use language ranging from More to Less Formal  in setting up appointments.  It also provides Vocabulary to use in “Asking About Vocabulary.”

[4] Tasks for Practical Listening in Part Four take learners step by step through Enrollment & Evaluation processes.  As usual, text versions of relevant Audio material are in attached AudioScript pages.  For reference or help now or later, an Answer Key for Text Exercises is also available: it’s in Download E-06.11.

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