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Work/Life English

E-06.09 Make Friends or Fall in Love with Amicable Aural / Oral Ways of Communicating

E-06.09 Make Friends or Fall in Love with Amicable Aural / Oral Ways of Communicating

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English in Everyday Life: An Immigration Story

WorkLife English: Competency-Based Listening/Speaking, Book 3; Chapter 9: Friendship, Romance, & Love

12 + 4 = 16 pages

Who It’s For: Helpful Teachers & Learners of American-English Getting Even Closer to Reliable Means of Improving Oral Language Skills by Relating to One Another

Why It’s Useful: With relationships at the heart of Oral Communication, Intermediates & Beyond can brighten their use of Listening Strategies (getting Stressed Words first, then little words plus Conversational Gambits). They can also practice the Clear Speech of Basic Sentence Stress Patterns—and utilize the phrasing of Making, Accepting, & Refusing Invitations; Expressions of Understanding; & Ways to Stop or End Talk.  Here’s the E-06.09 Download of Chapter 9 of WorkLife English: A Competency-Based Listening/Speaking Book 3: An Immigration Story—to propel learners toward the end of the text.

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  What helps in building relationships with others? Listed Competencies are “Understanding Ways to Meet People, Friendship, & Dating Customs.” Language Functions are “Making, Accepting, & Refusing Invitations, Describing Customs, Expressing Understanding.” Incorporated Grammar helps learners to advance. It includes The Conditional, Indirect Statements & Questions, & Relative Clauses.    

[2] A five-role Audio Conversation in Part One / Better Listening draw together commentary about how protagonists’ social lives are going. Part Two / Clear Speech is explicit about “Basic Sentence-Stress Patterns” in sentences, which generally stress Content Words (with lexical meaning) and de-emphasize Function Words

[3] Parts Three & Four have participants role-play situations that involve Invitations, describe dating customs, and make or react to “Bids for Connection.”

[4] The Download ends with AudioScript segments; Answers are available elsewhere.

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