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E-10.04b Done for You: 72 Open-Ended Questions for Social Conversation on Cards

E-10.04b Done for You: 72 Open-Ended Questions for Social Conversation on Cards

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Eight Pages of Nine Cards Each to Cut Apart; One Page of Nine Card Backs  

8 Pages, Nine-Cards + Backs  per page

Who It’s For: (American-) English Teachers, Helpers, & Learners Who Would Rather Download Pre-prepared Card-Deck Materials Than Create Their Own    

Why It’s Useful: Card decks for language learning may be easy or challenging to prepare by hand or computer.  Either way, compiling, editing, arranging, and printing their content on educationally workable templates can be time consuming or frustrating—and in the end the cards may not even function as expected.

Are you interested in the kind of thought-provoking inquiries found at sites like “The Book of Questions,” by Gregory Stock?  According to the author of this classic collection, “well-crafted, provocative questions will result in insightful answers, challenging [people’s] values, beliefs, and understanding of the world.”

Intended for English language instruction at high beginning to advanced levels, the 72 Open-Ended Questions for Social Conversation in Download E-10.04b may or may not approach the depth of self– or world-exploration at sources like the above.  Even so, they’re bound to evoke interest and engage participants who want to learn more about themselves and others.  And they’ll save teachers, helpers, and students some work.     

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Download the nine pages of E-10.04b: 72 Open-Ended Question Cards.  Note that the items themselves appear on pages 1-8—to print out on stiff paper or card stock and to cut apart into nine Cards each.  But before doing so—if you want each Card to have identifying info on its back, print page 9 on the reverse side of the first eight pages.  

[2] Use the 72-Card Deck in ways that work best in your teaching / learning situations. Ideas for doing so are in E-10.04a: Activity & Idea Book and in Part One of Speaking: Oral Language Skills for Real-Life CommunicationShort Talk, Not Small Talk, but you’re likely to come up with even better ones.  

 And beyond these ideas, we’re all apt to get into the spirit of Open-Ended, Revealing, Thought-Enhancing Questioning even more than into specifics of these materials themselves.  Especially with updating for cultural shifts and current events, it’s a valuable system of using language for personal growth, deepening human relationships, and improving the world.

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