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Work/Life English

E-10.07 Hear & “Talk About Anything” with “The Wisdom of Proverbs,” “Oral Essays,” & “Complaint Speech”

E-10.07 Hear & “Talk About Anything” with “The Wisdom of Proverbs,” “Oral Essays,” & “Complaint Speech”

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Part Three of Speaking: Oral Language Skills for Real-Life Communication = Talking About Anything, pages 20-28

 9 Pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Progressing Language Learners Who Like to Share Thoughts, Philosophize, Complain, & Values.   

Why It’s Useful: Like to catch and express thoughts as they come to you? To relay current news right away? To consider and formulate wisdom? Or simply to gripe? Whatever your tendencies, in Part Three are suggestions, sample speeches, and interactive activities that can make “talk for the sake of talking” enjoyable, effective, interactive, and even productive in the building of language & communication skills.    

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Start out by pondering how you feel about partaking with others in “food for thought”—simply chatting about matters (with or without substance) that come up in everyday life, in the media, or even in gripe sessions.  What’s necessary is to relax, take in & grab onto interesting thoughts as they occur, be aware, learn new things, and give free reign to expression that doesn’t do damage. 

[2] Hear (and read) how it’s done in “Sample Speech 3-A,” an “Oral Essay” on “The ‘Wisdom’ of Proverbs.”  Then with Half-Sentence Strips (beginnings & ends of one-liners to match), follow steps to play a “Game of Wisdom.”  Notice how many everyday concerns or interests come up when you’re explaining or assessing the value of so-called “Truths” from the pastFinally, choose a topic for, draw an Idea Map of, organize, and give your own Mini-Speech about “Everyday Truths & Observations.” Engage with, enjoy, and benefit from others’ presentations, too.

[3]  “Sample Speech 3-B” is a tongue-in-cheek “Complaint Speech.”  Listen to and/or read it aloud. Check your comprehension.  In Oral-Practice 3-B, with others, “brainstorm” a List of Complaint Topics.  For one or more of these subjects, compile “things to grumble about.”  At the end of this section, pair up with a partner to prepare “Mini-Speech 3-B,” which promotes “Whining vs. Valuing” on topics of everyday life, study, and work.  In turn give your own partnered presentation. Enjoy everyone else’s performances, too.  After this activity, will you feel encouraged or “down,” do you think?

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