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Work/Life English

E-10.08a Add Color & Stimuli to “Talking About Anything” for Linguistic Improvement & Fun

E-10.08a Add Color & Stimuli to “Talking About Anything” for Linguistic Improvement & Fun

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Six Pages of Nine Topic Cards Each to Cut Apart; One Page of Nine Card Backs That Say “54 Picture-Topic Cards from A to Z”  

7 Pages, 6 of Nine cards each + 1 of Backs 

Who It’s For: (American-) English Teachers, Helpers, & Learners Wanting to Save Time (& Energy or Frustration?) by Downloading Pre-prepared Card-Deck Materials

Why It’s Useful: Materials for “Talking About Anything” Practice, Games, & Speeches (as suggested in E-10.07 (Part Three of Speaking: Oral Language Skills for Real-Life Communication—or in other sources) don’t have to be complex.  They can be as simple as topical phrases listed on a board / screen or printed on slips of paper.  On the other hand, Oral-Language-Skills lessons and activities might be more fun or effective with colorful stimuli or cues like those in this 54-Card Deck of Pictured Topics from A to Z.  Each of these Cards displays a one-word topic under a colorful montage of photos and drawings. 

Cards illustrate these 54 concepts to talk about: Air Travel, Aging; Babies; Cats, Chocolate,  Christmas, Cooking; Dating, Dogs, Driving; Fashion, Feelings, Fast Food, Flowers; Grades; Hair, Halloween, Hands, Hats; Insects; Jobs, Junk; Kids; Love, Machines, Meat, Men, Money, Mothers; Nature, Neighbors, News; the Outdoors, Paperwork, Prices, Public Speaking, Peace & Quiet; Rain, Reading, Religion; School, Science, the Sea, Shoes, Sleep, Smoking, Snow, Sports, the Sun; Television, Time, Travel, Weather, Youth. 

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Download the seven pages of E-10.08a: 54 Pictured Topics Cards.  Note that the items themselves appear on pages 1-6—and page 7 is the reverse side of the first six pages, to be printed out on stiff paper or card stock and cut apart into nine Cards each.  This produces 54 cards with identifying info on the back of each Card.

[2] Use the 54-Card Deck in ways that work best for your teaching / learning situations. Ideas for doing are not only implied in E-10.07 (Part Three: Talking About Anything of the Speaking: Oral Language Skills for Real-Life Communication text), they’re also detailed in E-10.08b: Activity & Idea Book for “Talking About Anything: Step-by-Step Instructions.”  And of course, you’re invited to come up with even better ideas for use of “Topic Cards”—as well as to add (even better) subjects of interest to the Card Deck.  

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