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E-10.09b Use (Paraphrases of) Proverbs & Quotes for Instruction in Culture, Wisdom, & Human Values

E-10.09b Use (Paraphrases of) Proverbs & Quotes for Instruction in Culture, Wisdom, & Human Values

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24-Page Activity & Idea Book That’s a Teaching Resource for Phrasing of Proverbs: Creative Ideas for Oral Language-Learning Activities Involving “Folk Wisdom”—With or Without Card Decks 

24 5.5” x 8.25” pages

Who It’s For: English Teachers, Helpers, & Learners Wanting Vintage Linguistic Aids to Help with Clear Thinking, Everyday Wisdom, & Effective Educational Development

Why It’s Useful: Proverbs—bits of “folk wisdom” passed down through the generations—and their more modern counterparts (updated aphorisms, catchphrases, slogans, quotes, etc.) still play a role in the expression and exchange of thoughts, ideas, feelings, and (important) life principles.  Even lessons on “Traditional English-Language Sayings” from the past seem to evolve into revealing or constructive discussions on personal values that relate to “human nature” in (universal) culture.  Such talks may prove challenging to conduct or participate in, but they’re likely to be worth the time and effort. 

The E-10.09b Phrasing of Proverbs Activity & Idea Book is based on material of the 90  Traditional English-Language Proverbs (Beginnings & Endings) offered on Cards in E-10.09a.  But its Instruction & Concepts can be freely applied to any “one-liners” (sayings, quotes, expressions, even jokes) that have a place in (language) education.     

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  On pages 1-6, peruse the Cover, the Intro & Table of Contents, and the reading on “the ‘Wisdom’ of Proverbs.”  (Re)View how “Games of Wisdom” can be played with Sentence Beginnings & Endings in Card Decks.  On pages 7-12, get proposed Instructions for competitive / cooperative pursuits called “Proverb Concentration,” “Snapping Up Proverbs,” “Fishing for Proverbs,” “Oral Essays,” “Creative Proverbs.”

[2]  On pages 13-19 are “Proverb Worksheets” consisting of Paraphrases of the meanings of Proverbs 1-45 & 46-90 in Card Decks 1 & 2.  With their “renovated” language, these can function as “Learning Aids” or “Quizzes.” Advanced students might even use them as cues for reconstructing sayings they recall without referring to the Answers on pages 23-24.  Then come ideas for “Learner-Created Activities: Proverb Situations” and “Questions About Proverbs: Discussing Wisdom to ‘Mastery’.”  An Answer Key and Back Cover complete the Download.

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