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Work/Life English

E.6.LS.S Work/Life English - Listening and Speaking - Level 6 -AUDIO

E.6.LS.S Work/Life English - Listening and Speaking - Level 6 -AUDIO

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This Audio File provide a comprehensive audio companion to the student text, designed to improve oral skills proficiency and comprehension. It empowers advanced learners’ to engage confidently in meaningful discussions, understand complex presentations and contemporary global issues.

Key Components:

  • Engaging Chapters.
  • Listening Comprehension Strategies.
  • Part One covers Good Listening Strategies.
  • Part Two covers Speaking Naturally.
  • Part Three covers Inferences & Listening Tasks.
  • Part four covers Conversation Activities.

File Size:

119 MB

Who They're For:

  • Secondary Students.
  • Young Adults.
  • Adults.
  • Proficient Language Learners & Native Speakers.

What It Is: 

AUDIO FILES for the WLE Level 6 Competency-Based Listening/Speaking Book  coordinates with the 110-page student text designed to enhance advanced learners' oral-skills proficiency in the understanding of enduring and current issues in the world. Like the corresponding Grammar and Reading/Writing books, the level theme is “Issues & Answers.” Its ten (10) Chapter titles are:

  •   Families       •  Health & Fitness    •   Government & Law     •  Business & Work      •  Science & Technology      •  Consumerism       •  Education    •  The Environment   •  Immigration  •  Travel & Recreation 

Why You Need It: 

Proficient language learners and native speakers striving to improve their English are eager to take in as much information and as many ideas as they can handle in their work and life. They want to communicate orally with one another--and experts in language and content--whenever they can. With its "sheltered English content," this oral-skills text and audio listening can help increase learners' comfort level and ability to function successfully in our increasingly complex and challenging environments. 

What It Does: 

The Audio follows the text's organization of language objectives and functions that native and advanced second-language speakers need in their work and lives. 

An Introduction invites learners to get used to using listening comprehension strategies to benefit from the audio media. 

Parts One of each chapter fosters "Good Listening." Text users prepare to understand by interpreting visuals and making predictions. Then they listen for stressed words that express meaning, acquire idioms, and summarize main ideas. Audio material is often in simulated media formats, like those of talk shows, interviews, lectures, debates, court cases, comedy, and others.   

Part Two is about "Speaking Naturally." Learners strive to make good use of conversational openers; expressions of interest, understanding, & surprise; explanation & clarification; complaints & criticism; chronological order; questions in job interviews; support for general statements; advice; phrasing of opinions, agreement, & disagreement; and the like. They'll also become competent in adding emphasis, showing certainty, getting a point across, choosing levels of formality, checking for comprehension, describing, summing up, using tact, and other "advanced" language functions. 

Part Three is called "Inferences & Listening Tasks."  It attempts to increase listeners'  comprehension of fairly sophisticated presentations, helping them to recognize and interpret what is important to retain, question, comment on, and make life decisions about.   

Part Four encourages participation in "Conversation Activities." Within the topics named in the ten Chapter Titles, learners interact with peers, colleagues, authority figures, and other people in their environments--all with the aim of improving their own work and lives and helping others do so as well.  

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