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E. Before Speaking: Activities and Practice for Preparation in Oral Language Skills (Print Version + Shipping)

E. Before Speaking: Activities and Practice for Preparation in Oral Language Skills (Print Version + Shipping)

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Language learners often require more guidance and practice to develop effective oral communication skills. This worktext bridges the gap between foundational language skills and more advanced oral communication. It aims to provides a wide range of helpful materials, including grammar and structure reviews, vocabulary lists, organizational models, tips, and ideas for improvement. Whether used independently or with a teacher's guidance, the book ensures learners have the resources they need to succeed.

Key Components:

  • 166-page worktext tailored for Intermediate-Level learners.
  • Ten sections covering a range of speaking topics, from greetings and introductions to describing people's lives.
  • Grammar & Vocabulary Notes highlighting structural patterns and essential words for speaking tasks.
  • Additional Language Notes providing helpful advice and insights.
  • Numbered Interactive Oral-Skills Activities with step-by-step instructions and visuals.
  • **Challenge Steps for learners looking to push their language skills further.
  • Ready for Speaking? Mini-Speech assignments at the end of each section, promoting practical application.
  • Extensive Answer Key offering detailed feedback and assistance for independent learners.


189 pages

Who They're For:

  • Secondary students seeking to enhance their oral language skills.
  • Young adults and adults aiming to improve their communication abilities.
  • Language learners at the Intermediate level who want structured support and practice.

What It Is: 

A 166-page worktext created when a "higher-level" oral-skills book proved too challenging for Intermediate-Level second-language learners  

Why You Need It

Gratifying as it is when language learners or at-risk native speakers manage to optimize their listening/speaking skills on their own with only a modicum of "coaching," it rarely happens. Experience shows that they often need more input, like review of grammar & structures; vocabulary lists & samples of usage; organizational steps & models to follow; cues, clues, tips, & monitoring; and helpful ideas for improvement. That's much of what Before Speaking aims to provide.  

What It Does:

follows Beginners' Before Speaking but precedes Speaking in level of challenge; gives less help in language use than the first but much more than the second  

contains ten (10) sections of material for effective talk about Things, Places, People. These ensure that learners will be able to:  

  •   Greet & Introduce People    •   Name & Classify Things    •  Describe Objects     •  Compare Stuff     •   Describe Places & Scenes     •  Ask & Follow Directions     •  Get & Give Info About Places   •  Describe People                    •  Tell About People's Lives      •  Get to Know Individuals

displays a large assortment of photos, many black-and-white vintage reminders of the author's own experiences. Because these were originally created "in context," text users might enjoy comparing their own (imaginative) interpretations of them to what was originally true (as documented in the Answer Key). Internet photos also contribute to the sense of accurate, practical realism that pervades the text.     

"teaches" learners what they need to know and do to achieve oral language proficiency, by means of these components of each section:

  • Grammar & Vocabulary Notes that show structural patterns and many of the words appropriate for the speaking tasks that follow. Additional Language Notes offer advice that's mostly "Teacher Talk." And there are starred **Cultural Questions to answer. 
  • Numbered Interactive Oral-Skills Activities with step-by-step instructions, samples in speech balloons, and some **Challenge Steps; visuals, realia, information, and data integral to the tasks
  • a culminating Ready for Speaking? Mini-Speech "assignment" with follow-up, feedback, and "polishing" that puts it all together at the end of each section

provides the bases for an extensive Answer Key  that offers feedback and help to independent learners beyond what a classroom instructor or tutor can give.

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