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E. Beginners' Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles: Reproducible Answer Key (Print Version + Shipping)

E. Beginners' Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles: Reproducible Answer Key (Print Version + Shipping)

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This comprehensive resource is a must-have companion for learners aiming to refine their pronunciation and oral skills. With meticulous attention to detail, this resource is a well-organized collection of correct responses, pronunciation principles, and sample conversations to accelerate language learning.

Key Components:

  • Structured Answers.
  • Accurate Comprehension.
  • Expert Pronunciation Guidance


76 pages

Who They're For:

  • Teachers & Tutors.
  • Secondary Students, Young Adults, Adults.
  • Independent Learners.

What It Is: 

A 60-page Answer Key for all material in Beginners' Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles that requires or encourages oral response   

Why You Need It: 

To understand correctly and to speak comprehensibly or effectively, novice language students need input, help,  and feedback, probably more than a classroom teacher, tutor, or aide can supply to any individual. Having the "correct answers" in print form provides valuable support. Even more useful are the extensive suggestions for what to say that appear in every "Sample Conversation/Speech" with no required responses. These ought to function as "an extra teacher" or "coach" that is always readily available.     

What It Does:

clearly displays copies of text information that make answers easy to find and use: Part and Section Heads with text page and item numbers + accompanying visuals (reduced in size); supplies correct responses such as matching numbers, missing letters in the context of original exercises, and conversation formats

supplements and goes beyond available audio with pronunciation notations, sound and stress-pattern symbols, intonation lines, pausing slashes (/), linking arrows, and the like

indicates which answers are "correct" and which are suggestions only.

Digital Version Available:

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