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E. Beginners' Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles: Teachers' & Learners' Guide (Print Version + Shipping)

E. Beginners' Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles: Teachers' & Learners' Guide (Print Version + Shipping)

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The Comprehensive Guide is an extensive resource designed to complement the Beginners' Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles oral-skills package. This guide offers detailed teaching strategies, answer keys, and suggested responses to ensure effective language learning and self-improvement.

Key Components:

  • Teaching & Learning Notes.
  • Answers to Text Exercises.
  • Suggested Responses to Challenge Activities.


150 pages

Who They're For:

  • Teachers & Tutors.
  • Secondary Students, Young Adults, Adults.
  • Independent Learners

What It Is: 

A 148-page volume of Information for users of Beginners' Before Speaking with Pronunciation Principles (BegBeSp wPrPr  

Why You Need It: 

BegBeSp wPrPr is a different kind of oral-skills package, created during stressful times to help classes of students "teach themselves" in ways that didn't always require an official instructor's physical presence. This extensive Teachers' & Learners' Guide, longer than the student book itself, purports to be an effective tool designed for precisely that purpose.  Its main offerings are "Teaching & Learning Notes," "Answers to Text Exercises," and "Suggested Responses to Challenge Activities."  

What It Does:

begins with explanations of how the student text works, with instructions on how to optimize its use in class or individually; focuses on each kind of section: Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Conversation, Challenge Activity--as well as on ancillaries: CDs or audio downloads, a complete Answer Key, and Teaching & Learning Notes

gives advice from a seasoned social worker turned new language teacher on how to bridge the gap:  Decide What You Want to Teach or Learn; Teach or Learn What You've Decided On; Assess Your Progress. These pages include "Outlines from the Experts" on what points to target and how to do it.

includes necessary and helpful material in the order that relevant sections appear in the student text: 

  •   answers to questions about pedagogy and English grammar and pronunciation that appear in "Challenge Activities"       •  reduced-sized diagrams and visuals integral to exercises and activities       •  background info (historical and cultural) to make language content relevant and real      •  correct answers to items, supplied in the blanks and boxes of reproduced exercises    •  more than anything else, suggestions for possible language to use in the many "tasks" designed to get text-users talking, expressing their own information, thoughts, and ideas.

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