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Work/Life English

F-00.03 Read, Choose, & Write Letters & Numbers

F-00.03 Read, Choose, & Write Letters & Numbers

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4 pages 

WorkLife English: A Competency-Based Reading / Writing Book 2: English in Everyday Life, pages 2-4, 8

Who It’s For: Novice Readers & Writers of English Building Awareness of Letters & Numbers

Why You Need It: As soon as possible, teachers and learners of basic literacy in  English need to recognize the role of printed characters (on objects) in everyday life, on paper, and onscreen.  They’ll also want to reproduce them.

What You’ll / They’ll Do:

[1] (Have learners) Read (aloud) letters and numbers on (drawings of) everyday objects.  Differentiate the symbols. Identify them in sequence.                                      

[2] Re-notice, strengthen recognition of, fill in, and copy (missing) alphabet letters and numerals in order.

[3] Continue to practice and polish mastery of English-language (and other?) alphabetic and numeric characters in practical tasking.



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