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Work/Life English

F-03.04 Understand (Narrative Related to) Diet, Labels, Signs. Write Shopping Lists & Recipes.

F-03.04 Understand (Narrative Related to) Diet, Labels, Signs. Write Shopping Lists & Recipes.

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WorkLife English: a Competency-Based Reading / Writing Book 3: An Immigration Story, Chapter 8 / “Health & Illness,” pages 102-114

13 pages  

Who It’s For: New Readers / Writers Building Reading Comprehension + Writing Skills Along Through Attention to Stories, (Simulated) Realia (Food Labels, Signs), Lists, & Recipes  

Why You Need It: Everybody is interested in food and drink, and cognitive language learners / readers usually care about diet.  This chapter offers a story with two possible endings, food labels to interpret, writing / spelling rules, and guided writing activities to learn from.  

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Before Part One / The Story, enjoy updated photos of chapter content.  Look at drawings and talk about them with given and other vocabulary.  Read and understand the narrative, “A Nutritious Diet,” choose the ending you like better, and share it with a partner.    

[2] In Part Two / Practical Reading & Writing, look closely at copies of food labels, answer questions about them, and apply your skills to labels of products currently on sale.  Compare signs on health-related stores and buildings to what you see in your neighborhood. 

[3] In Part Three / the Rules of Writing, learn about less common punctuation marks. Put them into a paragraph. Review the spellings of /l/ vs. /r/ and vowels that precede them. Write a paragraph from what you hear. Use it as an example for your own writing about health (foods, habits, problems). 

[4]  In Part Four / Communicating in Writing, use numbers, sizes, kinds of containers, and food vocabulary to compile a (real or imaginary) shopping list.  Do the same with a recipe-writing template.  Share your own lists and recipes. 

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